Thursday, October 23, 2008

Process-UI Alignment

It's been over a year since I've started working on analyzing the situation of large corporations, like banks and insurances, that have difficulties in identifying the impact that changes on business processes have on their enterprise systems. The main difference in our strategy is that we take the user interface perspective. One of the questions we answer is: Which user interfaces of these enterprise systems should be updated after changes on their business processes? 

Why do we adopt this perspective, when there are already several solutions for Business-IT alignment? There has been a new wave in business models that value innovation as a driver for business growth, as I've seen in the book I'm reading: The New Age of Innovation. For that to be achieve, one of the pillars of innovation in business is to consider one consumer experience at a time. And where is most of that "consumer experience" taking place nowadays? It happens online, such as when we consult our account balance in our Internet banking.

So we sustain that user interaction represents a rich source for business value! That's why we support business alignment with user interfaces. There is a long way to go to make this perspective part of the executive agenda, but Pradeep Henry has already highlighted his experience in aligning UI with business process. 

To learn more about what we mean by that, you can access Wikipedia, which already has an entry on this new and exciting subject with a link to one of our major publications, as you can see on the print screen below related to the subject Process-centered design.

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